An orphanage is
no place for a child

Calling for Change

Take Action: Governments

A generation of vulnerable children have already passed through the orphanage system since the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was published in 1989. We urgently call on all governments to take action to ensure that no further generations of vulnerable children need endure a life in institutional care.

Most governments are no longer actively creating the problem with regards the institutionalisation of vulnerable children, but many are too passive about solving this problem. They can play a far more active role in implementing solutions. Governments, through the United Nations, have laid out a vision of a worldwide, deinstitutionalised, family-based childcare system and many have produced national policies to do just this. It is now time to put those policies into practice.

Calling on all government ministers

We call on all government ministers to reform their childcare systems and apply agreed policies and practices to deinstitutionalising childcare.

Calling on all local and municipal administrators

We call on all councillor to ensure that childcare in their local areas conform to with the Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children.

Calling on all electorates

We call on all people who vote to ask the parties and politicians who they support to reaffirm their commitment to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in theory and in practice.

Study materials

The purpose of this document is to assist policy makers, practitioners and other concerned individuals to transform systems of institutional care into those based on family and community support.

The REPLACE Campaign is supported by International Child Campaign

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