An orphanage is
no place for a child

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When you hear, or read, about people or organisations raising funds for orphanages, please encourage them to support positive, long-term solutions instead:

Our work is based on the freedoms, rights and duties as detailed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. One way to help is to read the convention and become more aware of the issues and abuses that are happening every day.

Calling for Change

Millions of children worldwide are living in orphanages, deprived of their right to family life.

Institutional life damages children, yet it is still supported by many. We call on those in the following groups to stop supporting orphanages:


The REPLACE Campaign relies entirely on your donated funds. Without your support, none of the work we do would be possible and millions of children will continue to be damaged by orphanages.

Every day, more children are entering the system. Every day, children are desperate to return to their families. Your funds will help us drive the message home to millions of people around the world that orphanages are not an acceptable form of child care.

Together we will reach out to individuals, organisations and governments, helping them adopt better systems of child care. With your help, we can come closer to seeing an end to all orphanages worldwide.

The REPLACE Campaign is run by International Child Campaign, a non-profit organisation, registered with the Charity Commission in England, number 1145731.

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