An orphanage is
no place for a child

Calling for Change

Take Action: The Media

National and local media companies, both print and broadcast, have the power to give widespread publicity to the needs and rights of poor and vulnerable children, and to mobilise awareness and support. With this power comes the responsibility to ensure that ethical and rights-based initiatives are supported, not those that harm children.

There are still too many instances where the media reports favourably about a local fund-raising activity to support an orphanage in a far off land. Or we see articles about someone heading off to start an orphanage in Africa.

Calling on journalists and presenters

Publishing and broadcasting stories that generate a positive response to orphanages is uninformed. These stories deny children their right to life in a family, and indirectly causes children harm.

We call on the media to highlight and support projects that keep children in families, rather than support projects that keep them separated from their families

The REPLACE Campaign is supported by International Child Campaign

Child Protection Policy in Relation to Campaigning and Website Images (pdf 370 KB)